Buttacup Companion Planter

£5.95 (inc VAT)

Our planters make an ideal introduction for people of any age to a fun, easy way to garden, and build new habitats for flora and fauna. An ideal gift idea!

These planters are designed to be placed on any solid, flat surface. The unique curved shape means that they can be neatly nestled against any circular object, such as other larger conventional planting pots, tree trunks, or water butts (please note that, unlike our hanging planters, these do not feature the moulded lug which allows them to be mounted directly onto posts or water butts).


Key Features:

  • Curved design
  • Choice of colours
  • Environmentally friendly (recyclable materials)
  • Manufactured in the UK

Product Details

Weight: 295g
Length: 350mm
Width: 205mm
Height: 160cm
Capacity: 4L
Material: Polypropylene