Frequently Asked Questions

Does Buttacup Flow fit any water butt? 

Buttacup Flow has been designed to fit any curved water butt.


Is Buttacup Flow available in any other colours?

Currently Buttacup Flow is available in green, terracotta, black and yellow.  We may well produce other colours and certainly have plans for other products using this concept so please keep an eye out for further details in our new product section. Or alternatively sign up for our newsletter .


Is Buttacup Flow easy to fit? 

Buttacup Flow secures to your water butt using the simple fixings supplied, with the integrated irrigation system.  For further details please see our installation instructions.


Where can I buy Buttacup Flow? 

Buttacup Flow will soon be available in all good garden centres, DIY stores and many other retail outlets, as well as from catalogue and online resellers.  However, you can also purchase direct from our store. Click here to purchase online


If purchasing on this site, how do I pay? 

We accept both debit and credit cards in payment and also offer a PayPal account facility.  Click here to purchase online.


What thickness of water butt will Buttacup Flow fit? 

The fixings supplied with the Buttacup will allow attachment to any standard water butt. If you are considering using the Buttacup with a wooden water butt or similar then please contact us here


Can I use Buttacup Flow as a standalone planter? 

Buttacup Flow can be used as a stand alone planter but you would be better of buying Buttacup Bloom Click here to purchase


Will Buttacup Flow over water the plants contained inside? 

The irrigation system operates on a drip feed principal so if you feel the plants are being over watered you can decrease the flow.


Are Buttacup Flows environmentally friendly? 

Buttacup Flows are ecologically friendly because they use recycled rainwater, help in a small way to decrease run off and create a new habitat where one did not exist before.



Are Buttacup Flows available from stock?

Yes, in addition to Buttacup Flows being available from a wide cross-section of retailers, we also hold them here in stock ready for immediate shipment.  Delivery will take 1 to 2 working days.  Click here to purchase online.


Will Buttacup Flows be effected by a frost or ice?

No after vigorous testing we can say with 100% confidence that they are frost and ice proof.


What is the guarantee? 

The Buttacup is provided with a one-year full product warranty.  In the rare event that you receive a damaged or defective product then, if you purchased from this website, please contact us and we will exchange it free of charge.


What is your return and exchange policy? 

You can return your Buttacup or accessories directly to us if you purchased online.  Alternatively, please return any items to the stores where you purchased them from.  All returned goods must be in original packaging with no damage to either the product or the box etc.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.