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Buttacup is an independent UK business, whose products are designed to be sleek and stylish, whilst also raising awareness of issues surrounding environmental sustainability. We are committed to promoting the preservation and conservation of our native wildlife, whilst also supporting the domestic economy (the Buttacup planters you see here were all designed and manufactured in the UK). Our aim is to provide a means to brighten up any outdoor space, whilst introducing people of all ages to a fun, easy way to garden, and build new habitats for flora and fauna.

Our products are designed to be self-watering (when attached to a water butt), provide companion planting, and can be easily attached to fences / walls etc. However you choose to use yours, they are guaranteed to enhance any outdoor space, whilst also encouraging wildlife.

The unique curved design, allows for the pots to be mounted directly on to the water butt, via a secure adjustable dripper system – ensuring that the recycled rain water is delivered directly to the plants that require it, in an easy and convenient manner. With our attachment kit the products can also be fixed to fences, posts, walls both indoors and outdoors.

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